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How To Get The Best Sleep Ever & Sleep Peacefully Throughout The Night

Has Sleep Turned From ‘Friend’ To ‘Foe’?

For people who are having a hard time falling asleep, they may look at Sleeping Beauty with envy…sleeping peacefully, undisturbed for how many years! But people who are having trouble falling asleep need a practical solution to their sleep problem instead of 100-year curses.

Here are a few practical tips that should be followed first:

  1. Limit caffeine intake in the afternoon and evening (also sugary sodas!), as these can make your heart and mind race)
  2. Dim the lights, and turn off ALL cell phones and tablets.  Our brains are wired to stay engaged while staring at these screens.  Make sure to place blackout curtains over any windows that might be leaking in the light.
  3. Take a soothing bath, with a hint of lavender added. Add Epsom salts (found at local drug stores) and a touch of lavender essential oil to the bath water. The Epsom salts will help pull toxins out of your skin and muscles, and the lavender will signal your brain to relax.
  4. Make sure to schedule all of your workouts a minimum of 5 hours before bedtime. Oftentimes, working out too close to bedtime can cause the post-workout high to keep your brain from shutting down properly.
  5. Be sure to clear your sleep area of any extra noises.  If you share the bed with a partner or even pets, make sure their sleep routine does not interfere with yours. Be mindful of air fans, device that “hum”, night lights, anything that you could take for granted during the day, that could be causing you sleepless nights.  I once knew a person who owned a small dog and he insisted he had a sleeping disorder. It turns out, the small dog would walk on linoleum floors at night, and the dog’s toenails would “clack” and wake him up.

What Are The Next Steps If You Have Tried All Of These?

It can be really hard to function without a great nights sleep.  So if you have tried the tips mentioned above, and you are still having sleep issues, I want to introduce you to something that is helping thousands and thousands of people find sleep.  It’s a product called “Micromyst”.  It is a specially formulated product, a liquid spray taken at bedtime to guarantee a good nights sleep.


 Now, sleep can finally be yours again!

Finally, the sleep you’ve been dreaming of. With a healthy, rejuvenating s sleep you can awake renewed and rested. This carefully crafted blend uses ingredients such as melatonin and GABA to support normal sleep by regulating sleep and wake cycles in healthy adults. Featuring Advanced Liposomal Delivery to enhance absorption.

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